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Неужели зашевелилось?


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Неужели зашевелилось?

Сообщение Бондарев Михаил » 12 дек 2012, 23:05

Код: Выделить всё

Review process flow diagrams and P&IDs, and understand process operation and contributing to process discussions, providing an effective process knowledge transfer to junior engineers
Participate effectively in testing or commissioning and able to independently execute all phases of a control project (pre-test, plant test, analysis, commission), leading a team of 2-3 junior engineers in executing the project.
Understand process issues, impact on multivariable control design
Design control strategies and configure multivariable control system on intermediate or bigger size processes.
Complete database or schematic changes, implementing complex calculations for data analysis.
Set up and execute controller simulation for large scope problems.
Discuss with customers and act as a technical lead engineer on various scale projects.
Mentor junior APC engineers and cooperate with Product Management and R&D as needed
Technical supervise or provide consultation to multiple APC projects
Minimum of a Bachelor Degree in Chemical Engineering. MS or PhD will be preferred
Competence in one or more process units in Refining or olefins processes. Proven experience in an Operating Company or in an APC Consulting Company will be a definite plus.
Understand concepts of data collection and be able to manipulate data files and collections lists accurately. Understand concepts of “transformation” and be able to transform variables for data analysis.
Understand the concepts of multivariable identification and be able to proficiently execute data analysis for large scope problems (> 25 MVs).
Understand details of multivariable control, concepts of linear programming and LP cost calculations.
Understand concepts of closed loop control (computer, DCS, PID control, DMCplus tuning concept) and assist in controller interface database and configuration.
Able and willing to travel at least 50% of time, since the job includes testing and commissioning activities at client sites. No Visa limitation for travelling around Europe.
Fluency in English is required
Fluency in Russian is required

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Re: Неужели зашевелилось?

Сообщение Михайло » 13 дек 2012, 05:51

Это че? Корпоративное обучение планируется?


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